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Claim: There is an infinite accleration to all things.

This doesn't mean faster and faster only. Slowing down is an acceleration as well.
One may say an unbounded state of change.

All things have three fundamental types of acceleration:

1. Everyhing exists in a rotation or obital framework. Breathe it in!

2. All things have a vibrational component. You are a vibration of Love.

3. All things evolve generation to generation, day to day changes inclusive

When these three acceleration patterns are applied recursively we find an infinite accelration.
This is from a vibrational point of view, laws of conservation of momentum still apply. There is no true rest state, no real absolute zero.
There are only systems with a common momentum, appearing to be at rest, or in uniform motion.

These and other original ideas are the work of Steve Lesko aka Professor Venn

If you would like to gain insight into this beautiful new paradigm to accelerate your business or personal fulfilment,
Please contact via email: Steve Lesko


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